5 Theories on Reality

5 Theories on Reality Will Blow Your Mind

Reality is a fickle thing because it’s impossible to prove. My reality is different than your reality and vice-versa. We all experience reality differently. Some of the greatest minds have developed some interesting theories on the nature of reality.

MultiverseThe multiverse is the hypothetical idea that there are an infinite number of universes, including the universe we live in. In each of these universes events happen differently. The various universes within the multiverse are called parallel universes. In a parallel universe you could be a king or queen, or perhaps you don’t even exist.

SolipsismSolipsism is the philosophical theory that my mind is the only mind which exists. This theory suggests that anything outside of one’s own mind is unsure and cannot be verified with certainty. This would include every object that you can perceive. Everything is essentially fictional. This is easy to relate to while dreaming but solipsism takes this to the conscious level. How can we differentiate with any real distinction what is “real” or fake?

PresentismPresentism is the philosophical idea that only present objects exist. This idea relates to time and how humans perceive time. According to presentism, anything that is beyond the present is just an imagine concept. The time you woke up and the words that you are reading now will no longer exist until you read it again.

EternalismEternalism may be construed as the opposite of presentism. Eternalism is the philosophical notion that time is multi-layered. In other words, all of time exists simultaneously and the ability to view events depends on the observer’s location. According to this philosophical construct, both President Obama and Benjamin Franklin exist simultaneously. Eternalism states that you have already done everything that you will ever do.

Fictional RealismFictional Realism is perhaps the coolest theory on reality. It basically states that if you can imagine a reality then it must exist in a parallel universe. So, any story or thought that has been conjured up does exist in a parallel universe. Harry Potter and Star Wars are realities in some, other universe. Of course this also means that your worst nightmares exist in another universe. So, if you were to ever accidentally go through a wormhole I hope you’re lucky enough to land up in some wonderful fantasy.

  • soaringeagle54

    I guess my idea of reality is closest to the Multiverse Theory. I have heard of the Solipsism Theory before where you only exist because of someone else’s reality. Some very interesting ideas.