Reincarnation Real? Child Identifies His Murderer

This is an impressive story of a young boy who is able to remember his past life or reincarnation. In his past life he remembered the location of where he was murdered. The 3-year old was also able to correctly identify the village he was from, the murderer, and the weapon that the murderer used to kill him in his past life. Is this proof that reincarnation is real?

The 3-year-old boy lives in Golan Heights, also known as just Golan. Golan is a region located near the border of both Syria and Israel. The boy said he was murdered with an ax in his previous life. He was able to show village elders and Dr. Eli Lasch where the murderer buried his body. Impressively, they found a man’s skeleton there. The boy also showed the elders the location of the murder weapon, not far from the burial site.

After, the boy lead people to the village where he was from in his past life. The boy also told them of his previous name. The village elders were skeptical and asked people in the village about a man, the boy’s past life, and they said he had disappeared 4 years earlier and never returned. It is important to note that the boy was three years old.

The most mysterious part is that the boy was able to recount exactly who the murderer was. Interestingly, when the boy confronted his killer, the man became very nervous and his face quickly turned into a ghastly pale color. The man started acting very suspicious. If guilt had a face it would have looked like this man.

They confessed to the man that the boy had lead them to the location of his corpse and murder weapon. The man knew that he had been caught and gave in. The man admitted to the crime, which he later ended up being charged with.

This is a very interesting story. There are skeptics that say the boy was manipulated into believing he was this man. Why? The skeptics believed their parents were paid for the story. On the flip-side, there is some some form of corroboration with Dr. Eli Lasch. Dr. Eli Lasch is known in the Gaza community for developing a medical system for their government. Lasch witnessed all of these events so he can corroborate this story. This makes the story more believable with Dr. Lasch’s credibility. Regardless, this is a good story and raises the question about past-lives and reincarnation.

Was this boy a product of reincarnation? Is it possible that we are all reincarnations of our past lives? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the matter.