Bigfoot evidence

Top 6 Most Complelling Pieces of Bigfoot Evidence

There have been many documented and undocumented reports of a large, hairy creature. People all over the world refer to this creature as Bigfoot. I tried to compile a complete list of the most compelling Bigfoot evidence ever recorded. I will continue to update this page with new Bigfoot footage as it is discovered. There is a lot of Bigfoot content out there so if there is anything I may have missed then leave a comment down below.

6. Skookum Cast

The Skookum cast was taken on September 22, 2000. A group of researchers at the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) went on an expedition for the canceled television show AnimalX to find some sort of proof that Bigfoot exists. The Skookum cast is an interesting piece of evidence. The Skookum cast is a plaster cast that is considered by many to be a real body imprint of Bigfoot. Many skeptics note that this cast is more likely to be the body cast of an elk and not Bigfoot. Regardless, there is no definitive proof in the cast to determine if the Skookum cast is a casting of an elf or Bigfoot.

5. Paul Freeman Video

Paul Freeman was an American cryptozoologist who claims to found Bigfoot tracks. Freeman took plaster casts of these tracks, which anthropologists consider to be compelling pieces of Bigfoot evidence. Freeman also captured some video footage of a Bigfoot in the Blue Mountains region, in northern Oregon. Freeman’s footage is considered to by some to be authentic evidence of Bigfoot but many skeptics point out that the video quality is too low to be conclusive.

4. Les Stroud Alaska Experience

Les Stroud, the man you see in the Survivorman Bigfoot series, is a Canadian survival expert. Les is also the cameraman and producer of the television series Survivorman Bigfoot. There is a lot of healthy skepticism surrounding the Bigfoot creature but there have also been a lot of reported sightings of this elusive creature. Les Stroud is a man of integrity and determination. His research and insights are not only important but respected, which is why his experience has credibility.

3. Bigfoot Evidence with Tree Structures

An intelligent way that we humans communicate with other parties in our group is by leaving smart messages with branches. These branch formations could only be made by humans and they are used to convey an important message to help other travelers in the group. These tree formations were designed in such a way that only an intelligent creature could have made them.

2. 1967 Patterson–Gimlin Film

This is where it all started. Many video experts agree that this footage is real. Some even claim that this is even the best Bigfoot footage of all time. Patterson and Gimlin were investigating Bigfoot reports in Bluff Creek, California. After a lot of research, it is believed that the Bigfoot in the video is at least 7 foot tall and probably weighs around 700 pounds.

1. Comparative Analysis of the Patterson–Gimlin Film

A comparative analysis is a study that compares and contrasts two distinct things. In the video above you’ll see that they compared the video footage of the Bigfoot to that of a human. Interestingly, the comparative analysis suggests that the creature in the Patterson-Gimlin film was probably not human. Several years later, it seems that the Patterson-Gimlin film is still the most compelling piece of Bigfoot evidence.

What are your thoughts? Are there other pieces of compelling Bigfoot evidence that I missed? Do you think Bigfoot is real or do you think these videos are elaborate hoaxes? Leave a comment below!


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