Spirituality and Health

Spirituality and Health – A Surprising Connection

There have been many studies on the relationship between spirituality and health. Is there a connection between spirituality and health? Research suggests that there is. It turns out that spirituality has both costs and benefits for people suffering with chronic pain. This post is different that our usual posts so give it a good read and let us know in the comments what you think about it.

Spirituality and Health

Spirituality is a relationship with a higher power. Health is being free from illness or injury. What is the link between spirituality and health? How can one benefit the other? Spirituality gives you a sense of belonging and can counter negative feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. These negative feelings are notorious for causing stress and lowering health. So if spirituality is the link to a healthier life then how do we cultivate spirituality?

How do I improve my Spirituality and Health?

Spiritual activities such as singing hymns, praying, and community service can help reduce stress. There is also another spiritual activity that does not require going to church. One of the best spiritual activities for relieving stress is yoga. There are other activities like hiking and reading that also reduces stress. Yoga works so well because it helps you reach inner peace. The next time you’re thinking about doing yoga just do it!

Think about what matters most to you. It could be anything, anyone, or any place. Think about the things in life that give you a deep feeling of inner peace and happiness. Focus on these things because they bring you comfort and strength. Set aside some time of the day to reflex on these things. They will give you a deep sense of inner peace. Find what brings you inner peace and cultivate that feeling every day.

Spirituality and Health – How it relates to me

As you can see, there are many health related benefits the come with spirituality. Spirituality is a guard against those negative feelings that so easily plague our minds and corrupt our hearts. We each have our own unique journey in this life. We all have our own difficulties and problems that we must learn to deal with. The good thing is that we have spirituality and spiritual activities that help us reach our inner peace. It is possible to find a better frame of mind and have a calmer, more peaceful life.


Spirituality can counter feelings that causes stress. Stress is known to cause problems in health. So by this thinking, spirituality can improve stress related health problems. The benefits of spiritual activities are known to help you reach your inner peace and improve your overall health. What more could you ask for? If you have any experiences with spirituality and health, leave a comment below!

  • soaringeagle54

    I have heard before that if you are going into surgery you have a better chance of surviving if you believe in a higher power or are a spiritual person. I think it has to do with giving yourself a more positive attitude.

    • I completely agree. A more positive attitude can lead to better results. Just looking at athletes we see this. If there is a chance that something might help in their recovery then they will do it. A positive, can-do attitude seems to help