Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle Mystery Explained

Earth’s oceans are exceedingly vast. In fact, 96.5% of Earth’s water is contained within the oceans. Even today it is easy for a ship or a plane to become lost in Earth’s gigantic oceans. In the days before satellites, this danger was even more frequent. The Bermuda Triangle, dubbed the Devil’s Triangle, was considered to be the most dangerous location on Earth for people to travel through.

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is a section of the Atlantic ocean that covers Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. For years there have been many reports of airplanes and ships that have gone missing. Some say that the place is haunted by some unseen force. Even Christopher Columbus in 1492 reported seeing strange lights and activity in that region. All of these reports have made Bermuda Triangle one of the most notorious places on Earth.

One of the more famous disasters happened on December 1945 where 5 navy planes disappeared in the area. The list of accidents in the Bermuda Triangle seems to increase every year. Scientists have attributed these events to natural disasters ranging from poor flying to bad weather. Many researchers disagree and believe that something more mysterious is at play.

Where it gets crazy

Some researches believe that the activity is linked to a lost technology from the sunken Atlantis. Others believe that the area is covered in a large, magnetic force. In 1938, the famous prophet Edgar Cayce predicted that the sunken city of Atlantis would be rediscovered in 30 years. In 1968, 30 years after his prediction, researchers found Bimini Road. Bimini Road is an underwater formation off the coast of the Bimini Island. Cayce’s followers believe that this underwater road is man made and that Atlantis is located somewhere near the Atlantic.

Even skeptics must admit that the oceans are very large and we have no idea what all the oceans contain. A large part of the ocean is still undiscovered. Let us know what your thoughts are on the Bermuda Triangle in the comments below!

  • soaringeagle54

    I have been interested in The Bermuda Triangle for many years. I wonder if something similar to the magnetic field that causes the Northern Lights could be responsible for the strange lights people see. It could also be stronger and interfere with mechanical motors.

    • That’s very interesting. If the magnetic field is strong enough it could cause some serious problems with their equipment. It would also cause people to become disoriented and confused, making them more likely to get lost or act irrational.

      • soaringeagle54

        Also a strong electrical field can cause people to become disoriented and hallucinate. It could be there are no lights people just think they see them. Or the lights could be a type of ball lightening from the strong electrical field.