lucid dream

5 Ways to Lucid Dream

Dreams allow us to escape reality into a world in which we have little to no control. What happens when we become aware that we’re in a dream? This is when we are able to enter a state called lucid dreaming. Below are 5 tips to help you enter into a lucid dream.

dream journal
Ever have a crazy dream but you just can’t remember it? If so then you might want to look into buying and using a dream journal. Research suggests that regularly keeping a dream journal can help you recall your dreams. This will also effectively allow you to dream more because we often don’t remember that we’ve even dreamed at all.

reality checking
After you’ve kept a regular dream journal and are able to recall some of your dreams consistently, there is a helpful technique to enter lucid dreaming called reality checking. It is also one of the easiest techniques you can use to enter into lucid dreaming. Reality checking is very straightforward. It means checking to see if you are in reality or in dream world. For example, if you look at a clock in the real world it will naturally tick to the next second but if you look at a clock in dream world then the clock won’t tick at all and you can rest assured that you’re dreaming. It is important to not freak out because it can be an exciting discovery to know that you’re dreaming. Instead, keep calm and do whatever you want in the dream.

dream prep
A major part of entering a lucid dream state is knowing that you are in a dream, remaining calm, and doing whatever you’d like in your dream world. Another technique you can use is to prepare to lucid dream, while you’re laying in bed. The subconscious mind is very powerful. Think of some of the exciting moments you’ve had that day and how happy you will be tomorrow. While doing this, keep thinking that tonight you will lucid dream. As you fall asleep your subconscious will be working and thinking “I will lucid dream” and this will make it easier for you to enter into a lucid dream.

sudden sleep
Sometimes falling asleep quickly can trick the mind into entering into a lucid dream state. This is a personal favorite technique of mine because I use it to trick my mind into falling asleep rather quickly. Lay your hands behind the back of your head, kind of like a pillow, and keep your legs and feet apart from each other. The trick here is to not move you body at all. This step is vital and it will be hard to do the first few times because there will be a trigger, like an itch or a desire to move but ignore these triggers. You’re mind is trying to determine if you’re asleep or not. If you successfully keep still and don’t move then wait a few more minutes and then roll over to your side. This whole process takes about 15 minutes when you’re first learning the technique but should be quicker in the future. The idea is that you’re body is asleep but your mind is awake, so you’re mind sends triggers to see if you really are awake. When you roll to the side you’re mind realizes that you’re body is asleep but that the mind is not. Thus, you quickly fall asleep.

lucid foods
Yes, they exist and they contain melatonin. So you could eat these foods or just take some melatonin to help you enter into a deep sleep. Deep sleeps help promote a lucid dream state and that is why I am suggesting melatonin, along with these foods:
White or Black mustard
Sunflower seeds
Flax seeds
Poppy seeds

Experts all agree that lucid dreaming is a widely untapped and natural skill that anyone is able to eventually learn. Have you ever lucid dreamed? If so what did you dream about? What techniques did you use to help you enter into lucid dreaming? Leave a comment below for others.