10 Incredible People With Superpowers Part 1

Ever wonder what it’s like to have superpowers? Well, it’s not as impossible as it may seem. Here are 10 real people with actual “gifts” or superpowers. This is Part 1 of a two part series on superpowers.

  1. Painless Man

Tim Cridland was born without being able to feel any pain. This baffled doctors and they claim that this is likely neurological problem because pain sends messages to the brain to stop doing things that are causing you pain or are causing the body harm. Tim realized his superpower and uses his abilities by performing acts during shows. He goes by “Zamora, the Torture King.” During his shows he will put himself through painful situations, such as eating fire, swallowing swords, and even piercing himself without even the slightest flinch.

  1. Aqua Man

Dave Mullins is from New Zealand and is a free diver and world record holder for his ability to hold his breath underwater for an extended period of time. He has also been able to complete swims of over 266 meters. He currently has the record for holding his breath for over 4 minutes. He has also repeatedly broken his own records, while performing physically demanding tasks under water. This is what makes him a real-life Aqua Man.

  1. Elastic Man

Daniel Browning Smith is an american actor and entertainer. He has broken 3 Guinness World Records for his extraordinary flexibility. He was born with this extraordinary flexibility and cultivated his power over the course of his life. One of Smith’s famous acts requires dislocating his arms to make himself fit through an unstrung tennis racket.

  1. The Human Camera

The Human Camera is Stephen Wiltshire, a British man who was born in 1974. Stephen has the extraordinary superpower to draw a landscape from memory after just seeing it once. His work has gained worldwide recognition. He was even invited to become a member of the order of the British Empire. Stephen frequently goes on helicopter rides so that after he can draw the landscapes with incredible accuracy and detail. He also has a permanent gallery in London. Many neurologists consider him to be a modern day prodigy.

  1. Daredevil

Ben Underwood became blind when he was a child, just like Daredevil in the comics. Instead of you’re average blind person, Ben took it upon himself to learn how to use echolocation by clicking his tongue. Ben used this amazing ability so that he could walk around without needing a walking stick. This also allowed him to play sports. So, just like the Daredevil in comics, Ben is able to perform many regular tasks by using his newly found powers.